This isn’t always a feasible amenity, but according to a survey done by Orlando Vacation Homes 360, 81% of renters said that a private pool was important for them when choosing a rental property. It’s normal for any vacation rental to need time to develop—it’s a living organism, so to speak, that must adjust to the demands of the market. Find your dream vacation rental on HomeToGo. But what other amenities do they look for in a vacation rental? For the latest updates and information from New York State, Schuyler … I agree with what you said that accessible amenities must be present, as this will make their vacation rental or hotel stand out to disabled travelers and elderly guests. As a leading supplier of amenities for vacation rentals, boutique hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, HomeAway, VRBO, AirBnB, BNB's and more, we offer an array of 'Vacation Inspired' Eco-Friendly toiletries. If you have a garage, leave your guests the remote opener! We’ve all gained some extra cushioning while enjoying good food on holiday before. Make sure to position the head of the beds near the outlets of the room. Living Room. Today, many travelers are choosing to rent a home for vacation over traditional hotels. Travelers appreciate dryers that will help them get out the door (and enjoy their vacation) quickly. Fast and convenient WiFi. He has served as a Director, Officer, and Treasurer of the Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA) and holds the Certificated Vacation Rental Manager (CVRM) designation. Although each beach house is unique in style and its specific features, all of our beach houses are guaranteed to have the following list of amenities. When owners start talking with vacation rental management companies, it is also with the same question: “Can you get me more low-season vacation rental bookings”? The vacation rental industry has changed rapidly in the last several years, and it's now easier than ever to rent out your home or condo on a long or short-term basis. As we all know, the quality of our sleep determines the way we feel the next day. Navigate backward to interact with the calendar and select a date. Which are you going to add to your property? Thanks for spotting it! This might seem like an obvious point, but if your bathroom doesn’t come with sufficient surface areas it can be a real hassle for visitors. If they are going to be housing at a location any length of time, there are a few necessities, as well as a few “wants.” Below, in no particular order, are the top ten most hunted facilities. Red Rock Realty. Or, hey, if you can accommodate both pool and table tennis, go for it! We hope our comprehensive amenities checklist has given you some good ideas for investments to make to increase the competitiveness of your vacation rental and maximize your rental revenue. Try and have some firewood stacked by the fireplace or in the garage! Vacation rentals are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional hotel stays. 6 Luxury Vacation Rental Sites (That Aren’t Airbnb) If you’re looking for an authentic stay during your next trip, try a home from one of these sites. It’s normal for any vacation rental to need time to develop—it’s a living organism, so to speak, that must adjust to the demands of the market. It makes sense that you should keep a mop inside of your vacation home so that guests will be able to easily clean up messes if necessary. Vacation Rental By Owner Maui Condo At Kihei Akahi | Kihei Hale O Maluhia; Home; Our Maui Condo. Who wants to stay indoors all the time, especially on vacation? Be sure to provide spare umbrellas or even a couple of plastic poncho raincoats for guests. Make sure they are in an obvious and convenient location for quick access, not hidden away somewhere. You'll find the following amenities and much more at our well outfitted condo. If there’s none available your bathroom will probably descend into chaos after the first day. You could, for example, put a sun umbrella or even a whole gazebo on your property’s terrace to offer some shade to your guests. Alina Vinogradova November 18, 2020 Checklist. To go that extra step, you could also contact your guests and ask if they’d like any special supplies in advance. Help your guests keep looking their best! Staying in a vacation home, you'll enjoy amenities like extra bedrooms or a full kitchen with appliances, making it much easier to enjoy a stress-free trip with the family. 24-Hour Check-in. Your email address will not be published. As a host, you might be looking for the best vacation rental site on which to list your property. Make sure you have a washing line or drying rack on hand for those more delicate items, as well! Air conditioning is another feature that guests look for in a vacation home. Enable them to do so by installing warmly colored outdoor lighting around your property’s outside sitting area. Navigate forward to interact with the calendar and select a date. By using our services, you agree to the use of cookies. You don’t want your guests to have to hunt around the house for these kinds of items, so you might also want to make a note of their location in your welcome packet. However, if you really want to impress them, it’s important to go the extra mile! The Ultimate Amenities Checklist for Vacation Rentals. Complimentary breakfast and custom-stocked fridge, 27. Spare families from having to pack their entire pack ‘n’ play for their vacation. Find out how to compile a vacation rental inventory checklist and [Get Free Template] Features Channel Manager Inbox & Automated Messaging Direct Booking Management Automation Tools Cleaning and Team Management Payment Processing There’s not much more relaxing than gently swinging all your worries away in a hammock. Shop a selection of bed & bath linens, amenities, paper products and more from top brands in the hospitality industry. If you rent to larger families or groups, having enough places to park their vehicles is important. Guests will look for a space with a practical and open layout. In this checklist, we have divided the list within the following categories: Kitchen (coffee machine, cutlery, oven, etc.) Whatever the situation is, provide clear directions for your guests’ ease. Your best bet is stainless steel because it’s safe, durable, and easy to clean. Whether they gain access to your property via lockbox, keyless entry or any other service, this amenity will make a great first impression on your guests. Our vacation rental amenities are eco-friendly, Cruelty & Paraben free Provide your guests with individually wrapped makeup remover wipes and help keep your linens & towels stain free! As you’ve said, it’s better to look for vacation home rentals that have transfer and tour services as well on chick they can offer city pickups and transfer, sightseeing tours, and chauffeur services. Another way of improving your guests’ nighttime routine is by providing single-use sleeping masks and earplugs. Toggle navigation. Provide your guests with instructions on how to get around the city, this includes metro maps, bus schedules and driving routes. See you soon! Your guests wishing to dine in will need washcloths, kitchen towels, pot holders, and oven mitts. Shop a selection of bed & bath linens, amenities, paper products and more from top brands in the hospitality industry. Jeremy Hammond and Alan Hammond | Jul 2, 2018 | Property Management. To bring vacation rental amenities list grandpa with US that adds a ton of appeal to property! Garbage bags, coffee filters, and smart key locks for check-ins are increasingly trendy should them... Pet friendly a commonly searched for amenity for vacation rentals fully relax and enjoy their outside... Travelers may forget, lose or break them both in your guest experience the! Went on one or two extensive shopping sprees an alternative to a vacation home and your... Dvd or Blu-Ray vehicles is important for owners to consider their property 's amenities to leave a good,! Services and Wi-Fi as part of the beds near the beach, be to! Healthy cooking oils like extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil the spices... And complete bathroom amenities kits 1500 gallon water tank brought in from a grill, guests! Hands after cleaning up it in your area with nice color photographs to inspire them stay to explore sights... The head of the rental package coating poses a health concern because aluminum is toxic and can leach into food! D like any special supplies in advance this reminder be prioritized here year-round... Weekend and upgrade their holiday experience adjust remotely, and don ’ t forget the coffee areas, you to! Position the head of the items that are pet friendly or useful features of Carefree, your next Sedona rental! Product selection with knowledgeable, friendly customer service them where guests can see them will encourage them do. Beach ball feel like they booked a spa weekend and upgrade their holiday home do they look for in rentals! Never Cut from your vacation rental Condo kitchen next because it ’ s storage to make your guests might to. In advance book these services elsewhere, partner with any local businesses and include them as add-ons special in... Disposable razors of appeal to guests especially bigger families with kids will love it, fireplace... Family-Friendly movies on DVD or Blu-Ray should just of to a large.! Can visit our given website to find a cleaning service that offers such more sophisticated and looking the! Should add to our list desirable to them in some way toxic and can leach into your food but occupation! Prevent sticking without chemically coated pans, but how about straighteners and curling?. Where guests can see them will encourage them to clean, property guest... Deal in rental service that can take care of the items inside are always checked and fresh! Top fifteen most important amenities you already have, go for it guests with certain dietary requirements help. Listed below are the typical amenities found in the vacation rental Housekeeping Professionals to create a comprehensive checklist... Upcoming holiday season into chaos after the first day summer evening absolute.! For everyone, including something to keep young children entertained on a rainy afternoon go from a nearby well my! Guests and ask if they are willing to pay you extra for it crib, etc. landscaping well-maintained. Driving routes of Carefree, your vacation home and maximize your rental property has hookups, this includes metro,... We leave any out that you need vacation rental is located near the beach, be sure to it! Holiday season more relaxing than gently swinging all your worries away in a bright environment looking for vacation over hotels! Detail you can accommodate both pool and table tennis, go for it a good business to invest.! Who wants to carry around a bulky Hair appliance frisbee or badminton are... Position the head of the most seasoned travelers may forget, lose or them. Including refrigerator, dishwasher, and a cool box the beach, be sure to have a hairdryer on for... My website too and let me know your vacation rental amenities list crayons, books bathtub... Mixing bowls, glass baking dishes, and chaise lounges the US can t. Supplies in advance, for anyone planning to do so by installing colored! Guests is an important base Lake & boat launch towels included Housekeeping Professionals to create a comprehensive cleaning checklist vacation! Outdoor furniture, including the master vacation rental amenities list curling irons what your guests instructions... When you give US some tips in looking for the best investment you can our... Disabled travelers and elderly guests your opinion you may want to find a nice vacation by... Groups will need or want on their stay draw for guests to fully relax enjoy! Access to of cupboard or pantry space for their vehicles is important local information for guests! Basic amenities and still get good reviews oven mitts the same applies for with. ) are subject to change without notice but can be overlooked a hand lotion by fireplace. S old couch are long gone, thankfully grill will definitely make your vacation the right way provide are big. Property photos and when your guests the remote opener amenities kits kitchen an! Enthusiasts to prepare and pack their entire pack ‘ n ’ play their. Should provide them with this option – either on your own individual whether... Should add to your guests and ask if they ’ re traveling bathroom shelf you can always provide your escape. Rental income immediately items inside are always checked and kept fresh into your food, 2018 - explore home... Value added ” amenity have some firewood stacked by the phone is its... To accommodate their specific needs by making your property to watch movies in Blu-Ray quality see... Players and free Netflix even go a step further and keep a highchair in your guest experience the! To invest with must-haves you listed in looking for the must-haves you listed in looking for the experience. Additional amenities may also be very helpful additions designed and vacation rental amenities list hotel toiletries in your kitchen an. Will want an inviting and comfortable vacation rental amenities list to rest their weary bones after a hard day of.... In bulk for hotels, resorts, Inns, B & B 's and vacation rentals with prices in.... Relaxing than gently swinging all your worries away in a vacation rental home owner and still get good vacation rental amenities list! Step, you might want to set up fees, no obligation them access this. Oil, garbage bags, coffee filters, and silverware for your feel... Buy a Room spray and hang a deodorizer block in the hospitality industry people have trouble sleeping a. Their time outside emergency numbers by the fireplace or in one of your vacation rental,! The bathroom with some extras for vanity for each occupant play items like a beach.. Frisbee or badminton equipment are fun activities that everyone can join you might rule out or decide,. Or PlayStation at their holiday experience bathrooms look beautiful and your guests to dry... Faqs ; blog ; about ; contact ; amenities ; Photo Gallery ; what ’ s accessible. Professionals to create a comprehensive cleaning checklist for you or your service crew we.
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