Because of this heritage, many cats prefer to have their own separate food and water sources, litterboxes and resting areas to avoid competition and unwanted interactions with other cats. Other than a constant need to have their ears cleaned, the vet can’t find a reason for the aggression. Nonrecognition aggression occurs when one cat is uncharacteristically aggressive toward a companion cat after a period of separation. We may be moving from this townhouse to a larger home which might shake up everyone’s territory – that might change things. Thanks for being a good samaritan and bringing home a foster kitty. should not be let out together at all. Please enter an address, city and/or zip code. Want to give your pup yummy, low-calorie treats? There's little point in reprimanding any of the cats for fighting; they're likely to become more confused than they already are. Take our breed quiz to find your next pet. How big is you abode? Dr. Rodan also lectures to the public and staff members of the local shelter, Dane County Humane Society. Because many sibling pups are only socialized with each other, they may develop aggression or fear towards other dogs. I don’t like the runt getting picked on. Skittish, she sort of gravitated to underneath our master bed with its bed skirt for protection. Any thoughts? So, given what the foster went through in a high kill shelter, her being abandoned by a previous owner, etc., we are now attached. You have great resources in Montgomery County Maryland. blog. Usually it takes perches, food, water, toileting and scratching areas – are spread out, the cats excellent questions and those answers would be helpful. Signs of littermate syndrome include fearfulness of unfamiliar people, dogs and other novel stimuli (neophobia); intense anxiety when separated, even briefly; and difficulty learning basic obedience skills. Have a point of view to share? Cat Care Clinic322 Junction RoadMadison, WI 53717, Phone: (608) 833-9750Fax: (608) 829-0345 Email: Thanks Dr. Brown! Signs of open conflict are easier to recognize. Her hospital is an AAHA-Accredited Feline Specialty Hospital. 2001-2020  Marcus G Brown, DVM. This is different from how humans and dogs evolved. Dr. Rodan’s passion and desire to help both cats and their people is unwavering. One can be an underlying medical problem The fearful cat may initially attempt to avoid the fear stimulus if that is an option. In fact, conflict is a more common reason for health problems in multiple-indoor-cat households than some cat owners might realize. Humans unknowingly contribute to conflict by yelling or throwing things or by favoring one cat over another. Dogs seem to get along alright in the presence of other dogs that they do not know, but this is certainly not the case with cats. Until the resources – hiding places, continue to do that behavior. She has a wonderful feline clinic in Germantown, MD Website: Profile PageDirections: Google | MapQuest | Yahoo! Is there anything else I should be doing or should I let time run its course? cats!). House, townhouse, or apartment? also try to prevent a future problem if you – or someone else – takes another Many well-intentioned dog guardians have terrible tales to … Dr. Ilona Rodan has been a leader in the field of feline medicine for more than 25 years. I think that medication may be appropriate, but first I would start by providing the multiple hiding and perching areas, as you already mentioned. He got sprayed and took off. Powered by Brightspot. Conflict can be so subtle that a human might not even notice it. If we rule out these causes, the next most common reason is that the resident Conflict between cats can be open or silent (read: subtle), but with a little practice, you can recognize the signs so you can find out if this is a problem for your cats. In cases of extreme conflict, the chronic stress of threat might cause a cat to vomit hair or food, avoid the litter pan or start missing meals. cats need – they are food, water, litter boxes, scratching posts, hiding or Thank you for this thorough reply. Thank you again for being a foster home. veterinarian, it is important for that to occur to identify if there is a Reply. to prevent the spread of infection. I would also get a Feli-way diffuser (Feliway is a synthetic cheek pheromone of cats) and put it in the room where the cats have had the most difficulty. Mike, you are doing a very good job to keep the cats separated when they want to be separate. Once, I came home early from work because I was sick. The sibling came running to see what was the matter, and a case of redirected aggression occurred – the cat that saw the strange cat attacked her sibling since she couldn’t get at the cat outdoors. Tubby and Linus were inseparable since birth. If you have hiding places or boxes or high cat beds around the home, as well as perches, this will allow the cats to be more secure. I have heard of more people being scratched or bitten because of these attempts. Our clients frequently tell us that our knowledge and caring has increased their cat’s length of life, often by several years. Sign up Recommended articles. the general rule is 1 per cat + 1; for example, 2 cats should have 3 litter We had them for almost two months before the one turned on the other. blocked from reaching the resource – such as a narrow hallway or entry into a There is information to suggest that 2 males Same happens after 1o at night, she goes away to sleep somewhere else but returns early morning. I think what makes sense here is medications for both cats – and I will buy a cat tree for both cats. She was thrown out of a car at 3 weeks, and lived under the shadow (literally) of a giant orange Maine Coon male until he passed in Feb. 2011. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. They lived together for 15 years, and then when my mom moved and couldn't keep them, I adopted the male because he was always friendly and affectionate with me. half-wall to allow safety and privacy while using a resource. This can occur when a more assertive cat blocks access to essential resources such as food, water or litterbox. All of them are almost 1 year old and they are outdoor cats and have a shelter outside. (The resident cat is 13 years old, about 9 pd female tortie short hair. My girlfriends cat, Bailey (female – which is also a adult/senior) is fully clawed and a lot more energetic than Moco. I could limit the foster to one of the other bedrooms but we are not talking much space. He sleeps at the end of the bed and she sleeps on my shoulder. However some breeds, such as basenjis, continued to fight each other at increasing levels from 5 to 11 weeks old, then showing another spike in fighting at a year of age. Let me first say that there are a number of We’ve got the skinny on which foods are OK to feed him. Hi, this is Dr. Ilona Rodan, author of this blog. Both are great, but there is information to suggest that 2 males are best together, followed by a male and female, and lastly 2 females. I However, he doesn’t seem to mind, he seems to be okay with it. For the rest of their lives, they avoided and even hissed at each other. Littermate Syndrome Issue 3: Inter-Dog Aggression Especially among same-sex siblings, fighting can become severe, even dangerous, as they reach maturity. placed in areas where they don’t need to compete or have access blocked by They can be congenial for days and then all of a sudden he attacks her out of nowhere. by Jackie Baker (Charleston, WV) I have 2 six year old spayed litter mate cats that suddenly a couple of months ago started fighting. Littermate puppies or puppies too close in age sharing the same household may have squabbles over resources (food, treats, attention from the owner, toys, resting areas) or when exposed to particularly exciting situations (owner coming home from work, going out in the yard through a tight passageway, barking at outdoor stimuli, children running in play). Vetstreet. Even if the resident cat relaxed her ways, the foster is pretty badly shaken by this experience.
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